Savanna | Velvet Multiwear Band

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"This belt is named after the African savanna plains, as this beautiful pattern reminds me of the circle of life. I lived in South Africa where I was trained to be a junior ranger, and this gave me a chance to witness the circle of life and its flow of energy first hand. I never felt more connected, living on the plains and working in the bush. We are one."

Travel pictures made by What About Her, read all her South Africa stories here.

This Velvet Multiwear band is the perfect piece to express yourself creatively. A hairband - turban - waist belt or headband on the cold days: these velvet bands are designed to wear multiple ways! Made out of the most detailed vintage hand embroidered sari borders, consciously sourced in India - sewn on upcycled velvet. You design your own border - colour combination, which means you always have unique piece..

Total length: 140 cm
Embroidered part: ±50cm
Velvet: ±45cm on each side
Width: 7 cm

Velvet Colour:

mvdrl started with a dream to create a brand that is offering economical, ecological and sociological benefits for everyone involved and/or affected by the lifecycle of 'products'.

The base of every design is made with the mantra 'creating new without producing more' in the back of our heads and we do believe in 'Zero Waste Designing'. That means that every piece is not only made from used materials - we also strive to waste as less as possible from these fabrics in every step of the process out of respect for the cultural crafts they are made from.

All our fabrics are sourced & redesigned in India at our supplier and his family in Udaipur. We met them in person in their little shop while visiting India and keep in close touch.

After ordering, your piece will be wrapped up in a giftbag from used saris, handmade by the women of NGO The Blue House Project in Pushkar. 100% of the profit is given to the woman who made the bag, so with each sale you contribute to a brighter future for these underprivileged families. Read more about this amazing NGO or visit their website. 

* Your order ships in a Do Good recycled craft paper envelope - please reuse

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