NGO The Blue House

Your purchased item is wrapped up in a handmade giftbag from recycled saris, made by the mothers of the schoolkids from The Blue House Project in Pushkar (Rajasthan) - India. 100% of the profit of this giftbag is given straight to the woman who made it. This generates income of which they were lacking before. 

This NGO is founded by the dutch Jaira. While traveling India she met four 15 y/o boys who were begging on the streets in Pushkar. They lived in an underprivileged community in self made tents in the desert and all the families were lacking income and basic life needs. Coming back to The Netherlands, she felt the urge to make a change. 

Now, four years later:

  • 60 children are able to go to the local school. Hopefully this is the opportunity for them to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty and unemployment.
  • All of them are getting tuition and lunch after school in The Blue House project centre.
  • Five families already built their own houses 
  • All of the involved families receive monthly food packages with basic life needs - next to improving their living conditions by providing water, gas stoves etc. 

Jaira works closely with locals and people of the community. When she is not in India, the local boys Javari and Sunil (the boys that she met and who are the reason BHP exists) are managing the project. Her goal is to make this community develop as a whole, with as little interference and dependance as possible.

We visited The Blue House ourselves and spent a couple of days with Javari and Sunil who showed us around Pushkar and the community they live in, took us to the schools and invited us to have dinner with their families. It was so impressive to see how small changes do have big impacts. 

If you want to get involved, sponsor a child, buy some Blue House Products or get to know Jaira, the schoolkids and the local managers a bit more: visit here the website of this incredible NGO