Let me take you on a journey, gazing through the dazzling bazaars of India. Admiring the overload of colours, noises and smells. Traders, chai makers and cows are all over the street. Getting lost in the narrow back alleys, the deeper you go, the more it feels like you travel back in time. The time where textiles still had value and clothing was seen as a true form of wearable art. Used to express the story they want to tell with it. Materials, colours and patterns all had their own meaning and the whole process of creating fabric and cloth - from weaving to the embellishments – was done by artisans. All those beautiful pieces were worn for years and eventually passed on from one generation to another to create new stories with the same garment, over and over again.

And right there, in the buzzing heart of India is where mvdrl was born. A dream to create a brand that is offering economical, ecological and sociological benefits for everyone involved and/or affected by the lifecycle of 'products'. 

On a mission to literally and figuratively re-connecting worlds by bringing together the inspiring eastern culture around textiles and the western overconsumption. All of this created in to multi wear pieces. By maximising product variants and minimising production, we hope your piece will satisfy your needs for new, without producing more by involving you in the design process.